Home Support

home visits

We come to you so you don’t have to carry your PC, Laptop or tablet to a shop. We can arrange a home visit at a time that is convenient to you. 

Often something needs to be fixed or setup at home. It would be impossible to setup a new printer in a shop! That is why we do home visits so everything is just right and ready to use as soon as its unboxed and setup. 

Pc, laptops, tablets, tech

We offer support for all types of technology. From PC’s & laptops to mobile phones and tablets. We can help you setup your new iPad or tablet where possible move the data to the new device. 

New mobile phone? No problem we can help get you going on your new device and help get everything up and running just how you like it. Once done we will show you how to use it so you can get the most out of your new gadget


Looking for a new laptop, have a budget in mind but no clue where to start? No problem just give us a call and we can advise you what to buy and find the best specification for the budget. 

Have an issue but do not know where to turn? Just give us a call and have a quick chat or drop us a WhatsApp or email. A quick chat can often solve issues and get you on the right track


Just like a car a computer needs a yearly service to keep it running well. Each year we can come to your home at your convenience and service your PC or laptop. During this service any potential issues are identified and feed back to the user. 

By having your computer serviced every year it is less likely to run into major issues as any minor issues that arise are addressed promptly

Repairs & reinstalls

If your PC or laptop needs a repair then we can assess what needs to be done and provide you with a quote. If you are happy to go ahead we will order any parts needed and get them installed. Your machine will be returned to you all fixed and ready to go

Sometimes a reinstall of the operating system is all that is needed. For example a clean install of Windows will often speed up a slow machine as any previous errors are removed with the fresh install of Windows


Could your PC or laptop benefit from some more memory? Does your machine have an older style mechanical disk? We can offer upgrades such as solid state drives (SSD) to significantly speed up your machine. A 5 year old machine can get a complete new lease of life with more memory and an SSD. All your data is retained and your operating system reinstalled.